On Being Positive…

The power of positivity can be an extraordinary thing. For as long as I can remember I have not been the most positive person. I don’t believe it was so much who I was but more my up bringing. Being around negative people from a young age you tend to take on that personality and expand upon it as you grow to adult hood, this is what I did. Recently in the past many months I have been going through an interesting transformation.

I believe it started out with the ideology that if you express positive things and a positive attitude to other people then positive things can happen to them. After some positive influence, one person went back to school, another got back in the workplace while one more started dating again after a bad break up. I hope these people are still succeeding in those avenues I helped guide them down and every day those people will forever be an endearing part of my heart and transformation.

When this new job came to be, my own path of positivity changed and progressed. I am now, lighthearted and free, I smile and am happy and look at life with a new vigor but as I am seeing positivity also comes with a price. To me it is interesting how negative people really are. They see life through a shield of their own selfishness and clouded vision not looking at the world around them but what is right in front of them and (of course as so many do) in hindsight.

So the question is, how does one keep his or her positivity in a world that is consumed with the negative? Just be yourself…. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? As many of us know, it is not so simple, it is a task that is at times beyond the scope of our reach. We wear so many masks through our day, the professional mask we use at work dealing with coworkers and bosses and clients and vendors, it is the only way to keep our sanity and poise intact in an insane world of pressures and lists of things needed yesterday.

The domestic mask we use for loved ones, family, children, wives, husbands… It is being an adult and taking that responsibility that ‘most’ of us adults do. Paying bills, being a support, keeping a moral standing, being a good neighbor, making sure all the housework is done, homework is completed, getting things laid out for tomorrow and etc…

The social mask, this should not be a factor, for we visit friends and acquaintances and you think there are no masks to wear when we are out with friends right? Wrong… We wear these masks because we should be verbally social when we are out, we feel we need to interact with those even if we are not in the mood. We force ourselves to be in places we don’t feel like for the sake of social convention.

If we all just took a moment and be ourselves and find the essence of positivity inside and show it what an amazing life you can have. The idea here is not to only find the positivity in yourself but to share it with the world. There are times I see someone who is having a bad day and one small smile and act of kindness can change their entire mood for the rest of the day and make them feel something wonderful to counter act whatever depressed them that day…

This is not a usual post for me because of the subject matter but it is one feeling that I never want to go away… I will leave you with this… Feel the goodness within yourself, share it with others, embrace the feeling you get when someone smiles back at you and carry that little light of positivity with you throughout your day. People think there is not allot to be happy or positive about but on the contrary life is full of wonder and goodness all we have to do is push through the muck and the mess to find it…


There is no doubt you see stories and books out there that are full of positivity and characters that truly represent that intended feeling… These are the books that are suppose to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and give you some confidence in the human spirit and that soulful belief in the love and affection we all look for is out there and waiting.

These authors have a never-ending supply of good will and positive energy and they are mixed into a well of creativity. There was a time when I truly envied this because it was something I didn’t feel I could do.

Then I realized it wasn’t so much the fact that I couldn’t do it, more then it was I didn’t want too. Thinking over this harder then I intended I came up with the conclusion that these characters were boring for my tastes anyway.

There is something about a character that has a flaw, a major or minor one either or but one that is shown through physical or mental means but shown. It isn’t so much a weakness that it is a unique attribute that makes the character more interesting and alluring to readers.

We all have flaws and that’s what pulls us into these “different” flawed characters. We can empathize with them and in some respects sympathize but in the grand scheme of things makes us wonder “What happened to make this character this way?”  “Is this particular story going to tell me why?”  Readers being the impatient people they are tend to want the Answer NOW but will more times than not get sucked in and are driven to read the rest of the tale.

So where was I going with this?

I put my book aside for the past couple years because I just wasn’t feeling it there was no inspiration. The plot and secondary characters were actually great but the main character bored me to death. I needed something to give him life, something to spark some kind of awe inspiring malady within him to make that character shine.  This is not for readers interests only but mainly for my own ability to identify with the character which would make ME interested in his story.  Because for me it is the character who is writing the story, I am only a vassal that transports his story to the page  and I certainly didn’t want to fall asleep half way through..

So given the fact that I have allot more time on my hands being gainfully employed again I started really rooting into the characters psyche and within an hour I had it…. That one flaw that made everything come to life and it sparks on the very first sentence.

That is the key, if you are a writer or just trying to get to know yourself a bit more. Take that time, a few moments every day and honestly reflect on who you are and what makes you tick. You will be amazed what you come up with and that very knowledge will make you not only a better writer but bring that confidence in yourself to the surface..

Bringing this back to the positivity I started with here, this story will have a positive message along with a fairly dreary yet intriguing story. Which all of my stories will have positive meanings and references which means it doesn’t matter what kind of story you write your message can come in loud and clear and inspire just as much as those lovey dovey warm and fuzzy ones… But all YOU have to do is just write… Don’t write for your audience, or your family, wife or boyfriend, write for you and you alone….

I also came upon a careful decision that I will more than likely will not be publishing this story or probably any other.   I think the pressure of the idea is what keeps someone stunted at times and it has been for me for a long time. So when the work is finished maybe someday down down the road but in the interim I am just writing for the enjoyment, no pressure no bullshit….

The world has been topsy turvy as they call it, only being in this year barely two months it is amazing how much things change..

There is a monumental amount of respect for people who can live in a life of uncertainty and function proficiently. I will admit that is not me, I certainly wish it was.

Dealing with chaos of the mind and imagination I can handle, as well as being an insomniac even though it can be difficult, but even through clouded senses I can function and do it well. But there are those whose life can be in complete chaos twenty four hours a day and still work and function as if the chaos is a necessity.

I know a few people like this, one being in my family. I envied her in the past five months, as they have been a metaphorical tsunami.

When you hit a level of panic designated to worrying about the future and where you will be and the money that is not being made, it locks you in a sepulcher (tomb) of mind and body to where there is no escape.

It is a tomb of glass where you see everyone else moving but you are bound and forced to watch a progression that isn’t privy to you. Certain thoughts consume you, “Will I ever get a break”, “If I could just release these bounds and are handed the smallest olive branch of hope, I would burst out and show the world how much I can really shine”

This has been my world, since November…

I cannot sit here without apologizing to those who were around me at the time. Family, Friends, and loved one for those were personally dangerous and debilitating times and my focus was diverted away from the ones I loved.

Thinking back on this I cannot help but cringe as I am never this self centered but can only hope these times can be forgiven for the self centered madness and mentally self destructive behavior I have exhibited lately.

In the back of my mind I knew I was destined to rise back to the top as I am too tenacious to let the world get me down for too long. As I mentioned in the last post I did receive a great job with a chemical company doing documentation and computer work. . I have also joined up with another small company doing part time marketing which the pay rate is a very nice addition to where my salary will be.

So the light of hope I have been so drastically looking for has come into full view and I will soon be back to my former glory..

But as my mind clears and the darkness lifts is when I hear her voice most prevalently and I yearn for it…

Trying to fill “that” void of what was lost I have been attempting aggressively but then you realize that it is never the same… Actually it is merely a cover that hides the past in hopes those feelings will banish themselves with distraction and ill deemed focus…

I think I will let that voice linger a while longer, as ghostly as it might be. It is better to let the voice dwell and dissipate in her own time to fully be ready for a new touch, than to hide behind the affections of another..

With the exception of a few small things I am lamenting as this spring comes into view, I am happy to see what the future holds and I am ready for the positive challenges that are about to come my way..

Ladies and gentleman love is in the air, whether it be the love of someone’s touch or in my case the love that comes with the smell of spring and the buds that are swelling with the warmth of life. Focus on the positive as in time it will come to reward you …

Life and Resolutions

There are people always coming in and out of our lives, some are amazing and others are toxic, I always believed that once a relationship runs its course no matter what impact it has whether friendship or a love lost it was simply time wasted, one that you can never get back.

I was reminded by a friend and once professor of mine that there is no such thing as time wasted for now it is time to reflect on what we have been through and what we have learned about yourself as well as others. I knew venturing beyond the state of heartbreak and anxiety she was right.  Yet at that moment my perspective was clouded….

I have always been one to see things from outside the box, beyond those borders of conformity that so many seem to be stuck in.  But in this instance I was locked in a prison of my own emotions shielded from the outward state in which I was so comfortable.  It is amazing how we can do that to ourselves for the days, weeks of anger, mourning, hurt….

Before I locked these feelings away and threw them into infinities inferno, I took my friends words to heart, I sat, walked, watched with nature letting these thoughts and images and feelings flow through me while also contemplating what life has in store in the very near future.

It concluded not with a frown or tears but that of a smile beaming to the sky with a renewed vigor. What my friend has said was right all along..

I see the coming weeks and months, I have gotten an excellent job in which I will start early in the coming month, I will have a house by June and a new car by fall, all the while saving up for whatever the future holds. It is an opportunity I knew would come and with it my soul has come to a calm, but unfortunately I formerly lacked the patience to be good for anyone else.

Not unlike most when reflecting I too tend to drift towards the negative. You wonder “had I been a little more patient”.  “Had she waited just a little longer how much things would have changed”.  “Why did you let that anxiety consume you”. But that’s the devil on your shoulder trying to divert your path of resolution..

You realize she was the best thing for you in that time, in that moment, those soft hands and caring touch mended a cracked spirit. I called her “The light of hope in the darkness” for that she was and a beautiful one at that.

There is no doubt I loved her, and will always love her. The memory of those special moments we shared, the touches and laughter and inspiration will be treasured forever.

Stepping outside in the light of the day I can smell the coming spring. Persephone is rising from Hades domicile to melt the cold dead hands of winter and sprout life anew  a seed has been sown in my heart and soul bringing forth new life and a new vitality to this disheveled spirit.

I wish her the best of luck, she is rising to a place in life I am not sure she ever imagined yet I knew the fighting spirit inside her would guide her if she took that first step. I have always seen the positivity in others and hers burned like a fiery sun….

Through this resolution I sit back and smile with the knowledge that from this day forward I will be more open and willing to let others see what dwells inside (as scary as it might be)..

And as this post comes to a close I know that I am not completely mended, the soul take much longer to heal but it is surrounded by a cushion of hope and the confidence that life is getting better. Through new opportunities and career paths my yellow brick road is before me but one must only take one step at a time and enjoy the path and people as they come…..

Upon Picking a Poem..

Last week my father who is a privately accomplished poet of structure and form asked me to pick one of three variations of a poem of his for publication.  Now for me this is an honor bestowed on me by my father who is so easily idolized for his writing ability in both form and prose. To be one of the few with the privilege of picking a perfectly formulated, phrased and structured poem..

But knowing my father as well as I do I wondered if my decision would truly have any clout on what the definitive choice will be. The Stuckey men in general terms are a proud and stubborn breed and typically in the infinity of life we are right, and others opinion to the contrary seem to drift off into the nether.  Even if on some phantasmal occasion we are wrong in our minds we are still right.  I am slightly more timid on this subject but not too far off.. So I wondered would my opinion really matter?

Putting all these feelings aside I looked at these three poems that varied in wording and phrase. One was far too bland, maybe not for the simple poetic laymen.  But for those who are familiar with the finite rules of structure which are esoteric at best, I would want to find the best choice..I looked over these poems which were a totality of three stanzas each (I am not at liberty to divulge them for copy write purposes) but what I can say is they were about the resolutions of life and how we process them.  The first poem was aggressive making the piece look like the writer was throwing his fist at god for the life he was given. The other was more pleasant in nature more like a recollection of life ending with a consolation of where his life has come.

I spent three days reading these and what I realized is that the mood that embraces the mind at the moment of reading anything, but especially verse can truly affect your perception of both a meaning and choice..

I was enraged over the latter part of this week, it was a difficult one. For many personal reasons from arguments with a loved one, to a family members surgery, to this infrequent joblessness, it simply pushed me to a limit that I rarely get too.. Thus I receded into myself and stewed and boiled and barked.. A most unappealing scene as I have been most abysmal to live with as of late..

In this mental state this poem that defined aggression was my first choice, because in that moment it spoke volumes within. Anger destroys reason, it may cause you to say things you regret, or see things in a way you normally do not because anger is all about instinct.  I looked at this poem and the key words of aggression burrowed into my soul and blossomed a poison vine wrapped itself around my heart and fed the monster… But that was not the point of the poem…

Three days later I read these two poems again, at this moment I was calmed at least as much I can be on a normal day.   After I finished, I realized the enchantment of the first poem disappeared when the anger receded.. No doubt it was well formed and versed, but the other, the one of contemplation, and resolution spoke beautifully about basic human nature and what we see in the latter years of our life.

This entry is not about the poem itself but about how we perceive things when we are in certain mental states or moods. I am well versed in anger as I have spent and wasted many years in that state, but this experience has truly opened my eyes about aspects of my own perception that I didnt realize and how to come to a conscious resolution because of it.

My advice here is whenever you read something that you wrote or a piece of art you completed, if you don’t like it or not sure how to perceive it. Give it a moment, a day, week or a month because depending on the mood can very well depend on the imprint it has on the mind, the spirit and soul…

“Never throw a good piece of art, verse or prose away for many of us do so frequently in a moment of impulse…. I should know, I am the king of wasted talent…..”

A letter…

Sometimes in life we get so wrapped up in what we perceive to be bad moments and get insanely self involved.  It has come to my attention that one of my most beloved teachers is battling a serious ailment and it made me reflect and write them a letter.  There were certain teachers that made me love school simply because I was in their class and caused me to look forward to the day when I knew inspiration was at hand.  I am going to share this letter because I believe everyone should have some support in their life and I hope this example will inspire all to show someone even an enemy a little support and compassion…

Dear Mr…………..

There are many people in this world who go through life and settle into the mundane, not taking life for what it has to offer but letting life conquer them by never living to their full potential. I see this every day and it saddens me a little, but then there are others that surprise you.

School back in the 90’s was an interesting time, the schooling through O…. High School was never known for being the best and you and I both know some of those teachers were beyond the scope of comprehension on how they made it where they were. Those are the ones who are so easily forgotten, their faces even though remembered seem to meld into the woodwork and lose detail with each year that passes.

I see them even today when strolling through town on a First Friday or getting a pint at the local pub. I recognize them but their names escape me, and then it surprises the hell out of me they are still teaching after all these years.. Poor students..

But beyond the faceless entities that attempted to deliver information in their best Ben Stein impression to uninspired minds, there were a few that stood out.

I cannot think back at high school and not think of you, the silliness and vocal inflections and the craziness that you exuded in class was amazingly effective. There was no play acting involved nor was there anything that could remotely be construed as fake.  It was just you, in your truest form that broke through so many walls within myself and induced me to happily let things in, and in turn inspired me to no end.
There are many memories I have taken away from your class but one stands out and ironically enough it was during a study hall. I lost my temper something fierce, shoving my desk across the room I wanted to pummel the irritating force behind me and I lashed out.  Saying things that could have easily landed me in suspension avenue, you simply told me to walk out to the hallway.. A few moments later you walked out and said “no matter how angry you get never show it to the source for they win”.  I never forgot that..

When we would have discussions in class I was notorious for bringing up subjects that would be the most controversial and sometimes not the most appropriate queries were brought up during those sessions. But you never judged, you never contradicted me, nor corrected me.  You said simply that the creative mind should never be harnessed (or something close to that affect).

So I write this to you with a heavy heart, hearing what you are going through and how much courage it takes to go head to head in battle with such an ailment. But I know how big your heart is, and how larger than life the spirit that lives in your heart can be..

I am not going to sit here and wish you well simply because I know victory is inevitable. As far as I see it, you have already won. This foreign body has absolutely no idea who it is up against.  I will say this, on this journey if you need anything whether an ear, a cup of tea, or some greasy disgustingly yummy guilty pleasure mass of deliciousness all you need to do is call…

You are one of my favorite teachers in the world always remember you are loved by one and all..

Someday I think coffee or a glass of wine together and good conversation would be a necessity.

Again if you need anything don’t hesitate to call or write..



William Stuckey




They say characters come and go with each story told and tale delivered.. I wonder if people actually believe that, or are the characters that imbue our mind become a intrinsic part of our personality. For each character is born from some figment of our personality no matter how deep into the recesses we travel.  There is not one personality I have created that doesn’t live within my subconscious brooding, laughing, murdering, maiming.  They all dance around the pagan fire enjoying their hedonistic lifestyle.  Then on the nights they need a little attention they pop to the forefront of my mind and we have a conversation but none are like the conversations I have with a gentleman named Malach Draven

I have lost touch with many characters over the past year, they have hidden themselves in the woodwork in fear of what thoughts have been traveling through my synapse as of late. Malach is the most surprising for he hides from nothing which lead me to believe I was worse off than I thought I was.

As of last week his voice started ringing out calling for me asking me to take control if for only a moment. He appeared in his perfect stance, those dark eyes gleaming at me through the shadows, that sadistic laugh under closed lips and the knowledge that pain would be the subject of this discussion.

GOD I missed him…. I have had characters in the past that I have favored and still do, but Malach……..He started as a substituted character I made for a temporary short term story and having taken him down a completely new path he snuck in and became one of the most enjoyable characters to work with. Sadly lately I have given him a disservice, although the writing I have done was decent it was certainly not up to the caliber of what I used to be and with that I feel I have failed him…

To me disappointing a character is like disappointing a lover because they are so close to your heart that betraying one is devastating.. That is something if you have never experienced it you will never understand. This may sound silly what I am about to do but I feel it necessary…

I am sorry Malach for disappointing you, I am sorry this depression has debilitated my skills and I am sorry my words have not made you shine as they have so much in the past.. You are coming back to me.. You are becoming more and more tangible as time goes on and your voice rings out once again in death and mayhem.

So who is this man who has captivated my attention, what makes him so attractive and enjoyable to write for?

“Once a brutal crusader for the church than defiled by the hypocrisy that the church stands for he is turned into a child of the night by a man of god mind you: Reason?  to make him a more sadistic killing machine destroying all who come in his path.  That very force that made him who he is attempted to control the uncontrollable and locked him away in a sarcophagus for centuries.

He is found by a Necromancer who was put on a path in which the end or reason would never be revealed so two beings, one of control and focus, and the other of hatred, aggression and psychosis, traveling together attempting to find the path that fate has brought them together for…”

There is obliviously TONS more to the story but to go into it would give away to much…

More times than not when I am writing for anyone I put so much emotional energy into what I am writing (which is a pain in the ass mind you) that when it is finished it is almost the feeling you get after great sex.  You feel that lightheaded tingling joy that encapsulates your mind and body and it lulls you to sleep as if floating on a cloud…

Malach hurts a little more than others but it is well worth it…..